Console and Command Line Processing for Unity Applications

When iterating and testing become a breeze


Meet .Command, designed to drastically decrease the time you spend iterating and debugging.

Unity console embedded into your game

Unity console is a great tool to debug your game in Unity editor.

Unfortunately, it is not available as soon as you export your game to a different platform.

.Command solves this issue by integrating an non intrusive console on top of your game.

Callstack can be visualized by clicking on any log entry.


Command your game

A single line of code can be all it takes to expose any of your applications functionality to the command line (see our documentation)

.Command also offers a graphical user interface for anyone to use, perfect for touch screen devices!


Extend Logging support with Personal filters.

Adding custom filters to the console allows you to filter out the noise. Add custom filters for each subsection of your game, and filter by subsection.


Powerful searching

.Command offers powerful search functionality out of the box, searching works on any device, and all built out players!



No longer type out every command by hand, .Command offers autocomplete support.

You can also customize a list of parameters for your command the user can choose from.

Autocomplete works with the tab key, a click of the mouse or a touch on handheld devices!


Email at the tip of your finger

Need to test remotely ? Don't want to run over the office to show the logs you have on your screen ?

Send them by mail !