Console and Command Line Processing for Unity Applications

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There is different ways you can get support.

Issue tracker

You can directly create a ticket on our public issue tracker : Create a ticket.
Note that your ticket can be anonymous, but creating an Atlassian account allows you to get notified when the ticket is answered or resolved.

You can also browse existing resolution tickets and comment on them if necessary. Here three preset filters you can give a try:

Bug tickets
These are the bugs we are aware of and plan to fix as fast as possible.
Proposal tickets
If you would like to see a feature implemented, create a proposal ticket. If implementing it becomes relevant to us, it will appear in the product roadmap and you will be notified by mail.

Support tickets

By browsing our support tickets you can get answers to the resolution of a specific problem often met by our users. If you are trying to do something with .Command and you are not sure how, it is very possible the solution is already explained in one of these tickets.

Writing us a mail

If you prefer more privacy in the way we support you: support@wellfired.com