An open source MVVM framework built for Unity Editor Code

A powerful extension to a powerful editor


Programmatic by default

Default libraries are 100% programmatic by default, built from the ground up for stability and speed. With a mostly programmatic library, you can reduce the size of your distributed tool. Generating most textures on the fly and providing developers with advanced view options such as border outline size, curve radius and Outline Masks, means you can create anything you can imagine.

A 100% programmatic framework means you can focus on what you do best, write code.


Flexible systemic layouts

.Guacamole helps instantly layout your Views, including a full prototyping implementation backed by MVVM. One step towards a completely decoupled Editor Application


Architect with MVVM and data binding

MVVM architecture for clean separation of concerns. Separate your app logic and your UI code, making for more flexible, testable code.

.Guacamole automatically keeps your View and Model in sync, reducing the need for nasty glue code.


Automation testing

Running your application in an automated manor without user intervention has never been easier, with .Guacamole.Automation, write simple functional code that describes the way a user might interact with your applicationand have fully automated tests.



Views are stunning out of the box, with full customisation through Styles, styles exist statically and attach to yourViews, they react to triggers and set properties accordingly.

Individual views can have their own unique style, but you can also apply a style dictionary to your whole Application, changing the look and feel with only a few lines of code.