Getting started

What is Hipfilters

About HipFilters

Hip Filters is a powerful runtime image filtering suite. You can use HipFilters to instantly change the way your game looks at runtime and edit time with one of over 170+ image filters. It’s simply to use, either drag a prefab into your scene or use our built in wizard to improve the visual quality of your product within seconds!

Hip Filters is developed by a developer with years of professional experience in tools development and interactive entertainment production and brings seven years of experience and creativity into your hands, we know you’ll enjoy using Hip Filters.

Key Uses

  • 170+ professional image filters for you to use.
  • Instantly change the look of your game.
  • Built in screenshot tools, allowing you to take screenshots of your game with any filter, available at runtime or edit time.
  • Dynamically change the filtering on your product at the touch of a button.
  • One click filtering. Simply select the camera you’d like to filter and you’re off.
  • Easy to use scripting interface for those who want to delve a little deeper.
  • Take screenshots > 4k with the click of a button!


HipFilters is a tool that will forever thrive on providing users what they want, we live and die by our users and if you need something from us, we’d love to hear from you!

You can contact us at any time through one of our many channels.

Free Vs Paid

If you are using the free version of HipFilters, you have all the features of the paid version. The only difference is that your game will have a watermark in the corner and you don’t have access to the source code. Other than this, you have a fully featured version of the HipFilters.

The HipFilters Window

Opening The HipFilters Window

You can open the hip filters window by navigating to Window / Well Fired Development / Hip Filters / Open Filter Window.

The window will open and should look like this

Using HipFilters

This window couldn’t be simpler to use, there are two options outlined below.

  • Source Camera - The camera you’d like to enable filtering on.
  • Filter to Activate - The filter you’d like to enable on that camera.

Once you’ve set these two properties you can hit the Apply Filter button and your camera will automatically be setup with this new filter! Wonderful!

Note : At any time, you can set the Filter to Activate to None in order to revert your camera back to default.

The Screenshot Utility Window

Opening the Screenshot Utility window

You can open the hip filters window by navigating to Window / Well Fired Development / Hip Filters / Open Screenshot Window.

The window will open and should look like this

Using The Screenshot Utility Window

Another incredibly simply window to use, this window has five options outlined below.

  • Screenshot file - This is the name of your resultant screenshot file, usually you won’t need to touch this.
  • Screenshot Location - You can click the Pick Folder button to automatically fill this in for you.
  • Upscale Value - If you upscale your screenshot, it will be rendered at this value * your current resolution. For instance if you had a resolution of 1080 x 720 and an upscale value of 2 you're final screenshot would be 2,160 x 1,440, allowing you to screenshot beyond 4K!
  • Source Camera - The camera you’d like to take the screenshot from.
  • Filter To Activate - The filter you’d like to screenshot with.

Once you’ve set all your parameters you can click the Take Screenshot button to take a screenshot. you can do this at edit time or runtime. This button will remain greyed out until you have a valid Screenshot Location.

Custom Filtering

Pre-Setup Filter Prefabs

Hip Filters comes with a collection of over 170 pre setup filter prefabs. if you’d like to use one of these, using the Project Pane, navigate to the folder WellFired/hipfilters/Quick Start Prefabs/Cameras and simply drag the camera you’d like to use into your scene.

Each of these cameras is set up like a regular camera in Unity, it has the following components : Audio Listener, Camera and Hip Filters

Whilst this is easy to do, It’s preferable to use the Hip Filters window to set up your cameras instead.

Runtime Filtering

Hip Filters Helper

If you’d like more runtime control over your filtering, you can write a small section of code. We’ve provided you with an incredibly easy to use API in WellFired.HipFiltersHelper

The WellFired.HipFiltersHelper class will provide you with two methods for ease of use.

  • WellFired.HipFiltersHelper.ApplyFilterToCamera - This method takes two parameters
    • cameraToApply - The camera you want to apply the filter to
    • filterToApply - The WellFired.Fitlers you want to apply to the camera.
  • WellFired.HipFiltersHelper.TakeScreenshotWithFilter - This method takes four parameters
    • screenshotFilename - The full filename for the desired screenshot.
    • upScaleValue - The amount you’d like to upscale by.
    • cameraToScreenshot - The camera you’d like to use for the screenshot.
    • filterToApply - The filter you’d like to apply to this screenshot.

Runtime Filtering UI

Using our runtime filtering UI

Our demo scene comes with a piece of UI that lets you change filters dynamically and also take screenshots of your running game, if you’d like to do this in your game, feel free! Simply search in your project Pane for FilterSwitcherUI and drag it into your scene.

Setting up the filter UI

If you click on FilterSwitcherUI and look in the inspector, you will see that one field is missing.

If you assign a camera to Camera To Apply Filter, the Filter UI will just work automatically for you, no need to do anything else!