Getting started

What is uRecord

uRecord is a Recording utility that is available for users Unity3D. It allows the user a simple one click recording process, rendering straight from your graphics device to a video file. It renders each frame at a completely cusomisable resolution, so you render videos that are beyong the capabilities of your machine.

uRecord is primarily for users who want to create marketing material for their product. The most important feature of uRecord is that the user can record 4K and beyond content without actually having a computer that can run at that setting. The user can create a silky smooth 60 FPS recording at any resolution.

about uRecord

The product possesses an impressive selection of professional-level concepts and features aimed at pushing the boundaries of your game and development process.

uRecord is developed by a developer with years of professional experience in tools development and interactive entertainment production and brings thee years of experience and creativity into your hands, we know you’ll enjoy using uRecord.

Key Uses

  • Recording silky smooth in-game footage at a custom resolution and framerate.
  • Creating marketing materials for your game.
  • On Click-Recording process.
  • Direct access to each individual frame direct from your hardware.
  • Product Trailers


uRecord is a tool that will forever thrive on providing users what they want, we live and die by our users and if you need something from us, we’d love to hear from you!

You can contact us at any time through one of our many channels.

Free Vs Paid

If you are using the free version of uRecord, you have all the features of the paid version. The only difference is that your recordings will have a watermark in the top left corner and you don’t have access to the source code. Other than this, you have a fully featured version of the uRecord.

Making your first recording

uRecord allows you to record your game at a custom framerate at any resolution. Dumping each frame out as a raw image and then assembling them into a video allows uRecord to create amazing looking videos even if your hardware cannot deliver the content.

Opening uRecord

There are two ways you can open uRecord.

  1. You can press the key combination cmd (or ctrl) + R.
  2. You can open uSequencer through Unity’s Menu Items at Window / Well Fired Development / uRecord / Open uRecord

Once uRecord is open you will see that it acts like any other Unity window, it can be resized, docked, minimised, maximised or closed.

Setting your preferences

We will set up a sample recording, if you'd like to know more about any of the following settings, you can check out the Preferences Documentation

Open uRecord Preferences with the button, you should be presented with the preferences window.

Here you can set the following preferences.

  • Capture path – The path to create the video (should be an empty directory).
  • The Upscale Amount – if your game is displayed at 1024 x 768 and the upscale amount is x2, you will be rendering at 2048 x 1536. This allows you to render a greater resolution than your monitor allows.
  • Capture Framerate – The framerate you want your output video to be.

Sizing your game view

For uRecord to render correctly, you must now ensure that your Game View has the correct resolution and that the entire gameview is being rendered to.

  • First, within Unity, in the Game Window, set your resolution to something sensible or leave it at the default, you'll see below we have ours set to 1024x768.

    Note : If your desktop cannot display the full resolution, you must select a multiple of this and use upscaling. For instance, 512x384 with an upscale of 2 would give you 1024x768 (512*2 = 1024, 384*2=768).

  • Ensure that your Game View is definitely the correct resolution by resizing it until there is a border fully surrounding the Rendering Area (See the image below)

Making your recording

Start Recording with the button.

When you're done recording, press the button.

Depending on how much you've captured, you might have to wait a while for your video to be produced, once your video is created, it should automatically playback for you to view.

Congratulations, you've recorded your first video.

Recording Option

If you enter play mode manually, without using the button, uRecord will give you a variety of other recording options, these are outlined below.

Frame Count

You can specify for how many frames you'd like uRecord to render. For instance, if your game is running at 60 fps and you know you'd like to render 60 seconds, you could specify 1,200. If you're not sure how many frames you'd like to record, simply leave the default value 0.

Second Count

You can specify for how many seconds you'd like uRecord to render. For instance. If you're not sure how many seconds you'd like to record, simply leave the default value 0.

Video Quality

Here you are given the option to specify the quality of your output video. Of course, specifying the output to be Extreme would be advisable if you'd like the highest quality video possible, your video will likely be very large.

Create Video

If you want uRecord to automatically create the video for you, tick this option.

Cleanup Recorded Images

If you don't want uRecord to remove the source images for you, untick this option.

These can be useful if you want to construct the video yourself, using some third party tool.